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Bathroom Decorating Basics

 Bathroom Decorating Basics

The bathroom became one of the most important rooms of the house only 100 years ago.  Today you will not be able to imagine a house without one.  The bathroom is one of those rooms where you can relax, not just a room for the purposes of hygiene.  For that, we have to make sure that the design of our bathroom makes the time we spend in it really pleasant.

A successful design of the bathroom has to be comfortable, practical and of course be pleasant to the eye.  You have to consider the size of the bathroom and the size of your wallet.  The first thing you have to do is pick a color.  This is a matter of personal taste, but the color of the bathroom should somehow relate to the feel of the whole house in general.  The suggested colors are soft, like beige, light blue, light pink, light yellow or green, but you can always spice it up with decorations that are bolder in color.

Now lets talk about the most important thing in the bathroom - the tub.  It is once again a matter of personal choice.  Our modern world can offer you unlimited choices - from short tubs, stand-in corner ones, to luxury tubs with massage element or a jacuzzi.  The color can vary from classical white all the way to sophisticated black.  The tub has to also be in harmony with the sink.

To make the bathroom multi-functional, you can add shelves or a small dresser.  Those elements make the bathroom feel more like a real room.  Think about the materials you would like the bathroom's accessories to be - is it marble, wood, plastic? What would make you personally feel relaxed?

Bathroom accessories can give it a finished and pleasant look.  It could be arranged candles, pictures, fancy shelves, flowers or anything else that will please the eye.  Now you can start the water and let yourself into the world of calm and pleasant relaxation!



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