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An Organized Bathroom for Peaceful Morning, Noon and Night

 An Organized Bathroom for Peaceful Morning, Noon and Night

It's easy to create a mess in the bathroom, and because it's a small room things just pile up on top of each other. Yet there are many solutions to this problem. Here are some of the things you can do.

All kinds of shelves

Medicine cabinets are usually small and can't store many items.  Try hanging shelves over the tub for extra storage. There are many varieties of those in home decorating stores.  These stores also carry compact stand up bathroom shelves, which are usually decorative and very charming.  You can also put a shelf over the bathroom door or over the sink.  The spot under the sink usually has some free space, where you can install roll-out drawers for easy access.  If you have space, find a small spice rack, cupboard, chest or a corner etagere and repaint it into the colors matching your bathroom style.

Hang hooks

organized  bathroom 2

Hang hooks for towels and robes and install wall-mounted hooks for blow-dryers and curling iron. You have different varieties here too with pretty wall attachments. Some are hand-painted, wood-carved or wrought iron. For easier hanging, sew fabric loops on towels.  A towel rack can hold multiple towels and robes at once, so if hanging hooks is not what you want, towel racks create an easy, multi-use solution to clearing your countertops.

Box your necessities

Loose items, such as makeup, pins and hair accessories can fit nicely into small decorative boxes.  Find those in colors that match your bathroom.  If you want to add a little uniqueness into your bathroom, wrap the boxes or plastic containers into patterned fabric for a special, personal effect.

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