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Transformation Of a Bathroom Through Color

 Transformation Of a Bathroom Through Color

The color scheme of a bathroom has to reflect the look that fits your personality and taste.  Do you want it to look noble, rich and classy or airy, fresh and clean?  Both can be achieved with the right selection of colors and bathroom accessories.


Noble, rich and classy essence requires warm, lavish tones.  Take combinations of creams, beiges, browns and maroons.  Classic white tiles add to this look greatly, because they let colors an patterns around the bathroom stand out.  Wrap your bathroom in luxury by hanging yards of pretty, playful fabric as your shower curtain and line it with clear, waterproof plastic liner.  Make a sink skirt, which will hide all of your bathroom essentials and give you a chance to add another color to the existing palette.

If you have too much pattern going on, make the bath matt and towels solid to visually balance out the room.  Dark wood, which can be appointed to a toilet seat and shelves reinforces the richness of this setting.  Add glamorous lighting, colored candles and vibrant scenery pictures to polish off the sophistication of your bathroom.

For an airy, fresh and clean effect cool shades of color, such as greens an blues mixed with whites and yellows are ideal.  Tiles that are bright need walls that are vibrant in color as well, so that the fun pattern of shower curtain and matt can stand out.  Make one of the colors in the shower curtain match the color of the tiles. 

Arrange some flower pots with live plants on unoccupied countertops or shelves.  The green of the leaves will generate a garden-fresh atmosphere.  Hanging botanical images will create the same effect.  Display large, pretty shells to add to the crisp bathroom appearance.

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