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Planning Out The Bathroom Step By Step

 Planning Out The Bathroom Step By Step

An average home's bathroom is five feet wide by seven feet long.  This amount of space doesn't allow for comfort and efficiency.  Think about how you can expand your bathroom by taking some space beyond it's walls.  Extra room can make a big difference, like going from a crowded, busy space to one that lets you move around easily.  Design your bathroom according to your wants and needs, instead of squeezing things into a tiny space. 

Whatever size and shape your bathroom has, make this room more efficient by applying design standards to it.  The standard tub is 30" wide and five feet long.  The spa tubs require more room, so make sure you are able to fit all of your bathroom furniture in this room by measuring out your space.   

A comfortable shower stall should be 36 square inches minimum.  Average stalls will range from 32" to 48" square.  You don't have to necessarily follow the standard, and can build your own custom shower stall.  If you want a combination of tub and shower, attach the faucet about 30" to 35" above the tub bottom.  The showerhead in this case should be 70-72" above the tub bottom. 

Average vanity height can range from 31" to 34".  Make it more comfortable to use and reduce stress to your back by choosing a vanity that's 36" high or raise the one you already have. 

A larger sink will ensure less splashing on your counter.  If you have a lot of people using one bathroom, put in two identical sinks 10-15" away from each other, and 10" away from counter edge. 

A standard toilet tank's width is 17" to 23".  Toilet should extend at least 25" away from the wall.  The toilet seat height should measure 14" to 17" from the floor. 

36" is the perfect towel bar length for one person.  The distance from the floor to the towel bar should be at least 36". 

Leaving plumbing lines in their original place will save money when remodeling a bathroom.  Tap into existing lines if you plan to add on a bath.  Get familiar with plumbing plans early on in your remodeling, so you know exactly where the pipes are located. 

When increasing your bathroom in size or adding special elements, like a jacuzzi or a floor-warming system, make sure to increase the amount of amperage for the bathroom.  A circuit has to be strong enough to handle additional features.  It is now a requirement that all new installed outlets in the bathroom be GFCI, which translates as ground fault circuit interrupter.  This protects against accidental electric shock. 

The materials in your bathroom have to be durable against moisture.  Countertops, tubs, toilets and fixtures easily withstand water.  Surfaces like floors, cabinets and bathroom accessories are more sensitive to moisture.  Dressers and cabinets that were custom made might not have the protective coating.  In this case, you can apply layers of polyurethane to the surface to protect it from water damage. 

Bathroom is a room that is meant for water use.  Expensive paintings or treasured photographs can get ruined if exposed to moisture, even if they are tightly framed.  It's better to hang reproductions or reprints in the bathroom. 

Before wallpapering your bathroom, figure out which are the most water sensitive spots on the walls.  Maybe it's better to paint those parts of the bathroom in water-resistant paint and put wallpaper on walls that are less affected by moisture.  Also, don't apply wallpaper to walls where they will be directly hit by the shower spray.

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