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Storage In The Bathroom

 Storage In The Bathroom

Organization is the key to keeping your bathroom comfortable to use.  This room is smaller than others and contains a lot of objects in a small space.  You have to be able to find everything easily.  For this purpose, you can find anything from modern decorative boxes to vintage cabinets. 

A standard mirrored medicine cabinet is hung directly above the sink.  You can make it suit your needs by choosing ones with adjustable shelves and putting cosmetic organizers in it.  You can hang an elegant mirror above your sink and place a medicine cabinet nearby within reach.  Ironically, most medicines should not be stored in the bathroom because of humidity and moisture.  Store your medicines in another part of the house and gain more space for your toiletry needs. 

You can greatly enhance a bathroom vanity by installing drawers, wire racks and pull-outs to make the space suit your needs.  Shelves and wire racks can hold odd shaped items like a hair dryer.  Shampoos, body washes and trash container can be nicely out of site and within reach on a rack that is mounted on the inside of cabinet door.  Pull-out shelves can hold cans, bottles and jars upright and ready to use.  A deep pull-out drawer in the vanity can replace a standard hamper. 

Add small decorative shelves near the sink to display your favorite accessories and hold small items, like make up.  You can put small decorative boxes on these shelves.  They come in exquisite varieties and help organize small bathroom items.  You can also put a freestanding shelf unit for Bathroom Sink Cabinets. over the toilet for extra storage.   

The bathing area needs to have shampoos and soaps easily reachable from the shower or tub.  You can mount small shelves around the tub or place them in niches integrated into walls.  A rustproof shower caddy hanging from the showerhead can be a good storage option.  Hang pretty hooks for washcloths to drip dry. 

Using unique furniture for storage can look very beautiful.  Repaint or restain an old vintage drawer chest.  Just remember to protect it against moisture.  You can put coats of polyurethane for protection. 

Make space for clean towels where they will be easy to reach.  You can put them in the cabinet drawers, on an extra shelf or mount decorative hooks.

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