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Bathing With Style

 Bathing With Style

Mirrors add space to a small room like the bathroom.  They add illumination by reflecting natural and artificial light.  Pick a wooden frame for a mirror to create a classical look, and a metal frame for a modern look.  You can arrange small mirrors in a circular pattern to balance out the wall or to add rhythmic appeal. 

Fabric can really decorate a boring bathroom.  Pick matching or similar patterns for shower and window curtains, a sink skirt and towels.  Match the colors in the fabrics to the overall decor of the bathroom. 

If you need more floor space, replace a vanity with a compact pedestal sink.  It will look more elegant and give you extra room. 

Paint finishes can add depth and a decorating element to the walls.  Consider such techniques as marbling, sponging or ragging, which you can easily do on your own.  Instead of flat paint, use gloss paint.  This kind of paint gives a bathroom more visual space and light.  Glossy paints take longer to dry, but are more durable against moisture, which is a great thing in a watery place like the bathroom. 

Warm textures, like wooden floors, knit area rugs and lace curtains add coziness and comfort to the bathroom.  Cool textures, like wrought iron picture frames, floor tiles and marble sinks add a modern touch and cutting edge design.  Textures can be calm or energetic.  Depending on your style, use various textures in combinations to add interest and individuality to bathroom design. 

Add decorative furniture pieces for decoration and comfort if you have extra bathroom space.  Something like a small coffee table by the edge of the tub will give you extra storage space, while providing you with additional decorating surface.  Consider such furnishings as a simple chair, footstool, or a magazine rack. 

Beautiful scents are part of the bathroom environment.  Add scented candles and soaps to wrap yourself in aroma luxury.  Arrange fresh flowers or potted plants to add colors and textures as well scents to the bathroom.

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