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A Bathroom Inspired By Nature

 A Bathroom Inspired By Nature

Get inspired by nature for your bathroom design.  Take a walk in the park and gather leaves or flowers, or pick up a group of shiny stones.  Take the colors and textures that the nature has to offer and bring its essence into your bathroom. 

Shop the market for things that remind you of nature.  Slate tiles will give a peaceful touch to the bathroom, while cobblestone glass tiles used on shower base will add texture to the serene theme.  Honed marble adds a great pattern to the countertops.  Purchase accessories that have shape, texture or essence of river rocks. 

A bathroom inspired by nature should have a natural color palette.  Pick neutral background and furniture.  Wooden furniture works well with this theme, as well as stone and antique metal elements.  Add sculptural elements, like decorative towel rings and wide picture frames. 

Accessorize with nature inspired items, like a soap dish in a shape of a leaf, stone textured tumbler and toothbrush holder, a twig printed lotion pump, flowered tissue box, or river rock printed trash container. 

The shapes in this bathroom should be very organic in nature.  They don't have to be straight-edge square or a perfect circle.  Put an odd shaped vase with twigs near a sink or a pebbled area rug.

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