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Different Kinds Of Bathroom Fixtures

 Different Kinds Of Bathroom Fixtures

The bathroom is probably the smallest room in your house, but regardless of its size the bathroom needs lots of fixtures and fittings.  Some of these fittings are bath tub, toilet, shower and vanity.   

You can purchase combinations of products that go together from some companies.  These bathroom sets make decorating easy, because all the pieces go together perfectly.  These sets make choosing bathroom fixtures easy, but not all of them fit into a standard size bathroom.  Measure your room's space to make sure all of the pieces will fit.   

Basins, which are used for washing hands come in many materials and styles.  Some of the basins are attached to a cabinet that has shelves or drawers, and are called vanity units.  Some other kinds of basins can be hung on a wall or attached to a pedestal.  Consider the kinds of faucets and taps that you will use, because this will determine the kind of basin you can purchase.  

The most popular material for basins is porcelain.  You can also purchase a basin in such materials as vitreous china, plastic, acrylic, or steel.  The kind of material you select for your basin will guide your overall design of decor. 

Bath tub creates a luxurious environment in the bathroom.  Before buying one find out what the tub is made of and the bath's system capacity.  If you are looking to get a spa bath, think about what features you would like this bath to have.   

A shower can be custom made or readymade.  Showers can hold one person or more, and come in many materials and finishes.  When installing a shower, make sure that the finishes on the surfaces are good enough to not let the water leak out.  Shower floor has to have a slip-proof surface and you might want to install a hand rail to prevent accidents. 

The toilet pan is the bowl that holds the water, lets the toilet flush and makes space for the seat.  There are three types of toilet pan: the P trap, the S trap, and skew trap.  The S trap type is in the shape of an S and its outlet faces the floor.  The P trap type is in shape of a P and its outlet is horizontal or angled a bit down.  The skew pan has its outlet go to the right or the left of the pan at a right angle.  All of these pan types are useful in different toilet constructions. 

The material used for most cisterns is either china or plastic.  There are different kinds of cisterns depending on the budget and design you want to achieve.  The exposed cistern is installed on the wall above the pan.  A linked cistern is the kind that’s connected to the pan and the pipe is concealed.  The closed-coupled cistern is adjusted onto the pan.  In wall cistern is built into the wall.  Under counter cistern is a cistern that's built under a cabinet or a vanity. 

The toilet seat is mostly purchased for comfort, but it also adds to the bathroom decor.  The style of the seat, material, colors, patterns and textures can add the perfect decorating touches to the bathroom.  The wooden seat is warmer and very stable.  Plastic seats are cheaper, but not as supportive.  The toilet seat material has to be able to withstand cleaners and also be non porous, which will not allow bacteria to stay inside the seat.  Most seats come with lids that are also decorative.

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