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Country Style Bathroom

 Country Style Bathroom

One way to easily add country style feel is to add wood and wicker items to the bathroom.  Hang some wooden towel racks and hooks.  Wicker baskets can add a much needed space to the bathroom if you use them for guest towels and small bathroom accessories.  You can put the baskets on the floor or display them on the wall if there is space.  A basket can also serve as a magazine holder or keep the toilet paper neatly together. 

For the walls, hang some nature inspired paintings or pictures.  You can even take some beautiful photographs of your own and frame them into wooden frames.  Also, hanging dry flowers or leaves can add to the country style look.  Make a collage of dry flowers and frame it.  You can also purchase a set of beautiful plates and display them on the wall. 

Hang simple gingham curtains in the bathroom.  Pick prints that are simple and natural in patterns and colors.  A simple floral pattern or a stripe can look very elegant in the country style bathroom. 

Pottery or glass jars can make excellent storage containers for the bathroom.  Get simple jars or ones with painted flowers, leaves and other nature elements.  You can have a few jars for things like q-tips, toothbrushes, combs and hair accessories. 

For a more defined country style look, shop for sinks, faucets and tubs that are designed to go into a country style bathroom.  You can buy simple pine bathroom furniture to go with this style.  If you have old furniture pieces that you would like to see in your bathroom, finish them yourselves.  You can faux paint the furniture to give it that old, worn country look.  Furniture should end up looking practical and handcrafted.

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