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Choosing Your Medium For Kitchen Walls

 Choosing Your Medium For Kitchen Walls

What doesn't happen in the kitchen!  We have personal conversations, celebrate events, watch TV, listen to music, create masterpieces out of food and then feast on them - and all in the kitchen.  Because of all this, design of the kitchen is very personal and important.  Since so many events take place in this one room, it has to look special and be clean at the same time.  Most of the water, dirt and oils land on walls, so we need to pick materials for those walls that will not loose color and shine, be easy to wash and will not absorb food smells. 


One easy and inexpensive way to make your kitchen walls more attractive is wallpaper.  The best ones are with vinyl base.  They are durable against moisture and you can wash them with a cloth.  There are infinite designs and patterns that come in vinyl wallpaper, like ceramic-like tiles, stone, wood, photo imagery, florals, and of course plain solid.  Most textile wallpaper is ecologically safe to use at home.

Just as popular is wallpaper that you can paint later.  It visually masks uneven wall surfaces and cracks, and makes painting over them an easy process.  They don't stretch and there are no toxic elements in this kind of wallpaper, which makes them ecologically safe to decorate with. 


paintPainting kitchen walls is a popular way to decorate.  Today, we have lots of choices for a beautiful, original look.  Paint is great, because it's easy to change the look of the walls - just repaint.  It's relatively inexpensive, carefree and can last a long time.  One of the negative things about paint is that your walls have to be prepared for it.  Sand down old surface and patch up cracks and uneven surfaces with plaster before applying it.


Not all paint is ideal for a kitchen.  It's best to choose one that can resist water, be easy to wipe in case of stains, and stays unaffected against cleaning agents.  Recommended are acrylic and latex paints - they are both fire and ecology safe.  Decorators usually prefer matte or semi matte paint, because they hide uneven spots within walls.  For this purpose it's also good to use paint that gives a 3-D effect, imitation of stone, marble, cracked paint, metallic shine, velvet texture, silk shine and pearl glow.  Or you can just use flat one color paint, but apply it with different instruments so that your walls gain texture.

Ceramic Tiles

Tiles are ideal for kitchen decoration.  They are absolutely long lasting, water-resistant, color sustaining and practically carefree.  Tiles are usually used on the lower portion of the kitchen walls, but you can tile out your whole room.  If you are mixing tiles and paint or wallpaper, pick the ceramic that's brighter than the other two and stands out. 

The downfall of using ceramic tiles is that it's more expensive then paint or wallpaper, but you also get a lot of choices.  Some of the ideas to consider are mosaic tiles, florals, geometrics, mixing and matching two different kinds of tiles, or fruits.

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