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Picking Out Kitchen Floors

 Picking Out Kitchen Floors

When choosing flooring for your kitchen, consider durability, budget and how it will harmonize with your kitchen decor.  Think about what patterns and colors will look good in your surroundings.  Kitchen flooring should serve as an accent to your cabinets, wall colors and appliances. 

Some of the choices include hardwood, ceramic tile, vinyl, bamboo or laminate.  Vinyl is the most common choice.  It's inexpensive, easily installed and durable.  It comes in solid tiles, squares or sheets.  You can pick from a great variety of patterns and colors.  If you are on a budget, the price will start at $4 per square foot. 

Hardwood flooring is great, especially if you want to blend the kitchen with your dining room.  Different kinds of finishes will allow wood floor to withstand moisture and traffic.  It is soothing and goes well with almost any kitchen decor.  If you don't know what to pick, then pick wood.  The price starts at $7 per square foot. 

Ceramic tiles are durable and easy to maintain.  There are many colors and patterns.  You can mix and match, and have some tiles solid and some with pattern.  The downfall of tiles is that it's harder on your feet if you have to stand for a long time.  Also, it's a noisy surface and will easily break fallen dishes.  If the tiles are glazed, they are more durable against liquids.  It costs about $10 per square foot.   

Laminate flooring is great because it's easy to install and maintain, and comes in many colors and styles.  Some of such styles can be stone, cork or wide plank oak.  They start at about $2 per square foot.   

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Bamboo flooring seems to be the least popular choice for kitchen.  It's not as durable as some other materials and scratches easily.  On the upside, the colors are rich and warm, and it's elegant and beautiful.  It starts at $2 per square foot. 

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