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Choosing a Sink for Your Kitchen

 Choosing a Sink for Your Kitchen

Sink is one of the main parts of any kitchen.  It's just as important as picking out cabinets and appliances.  Sinks usually last for a long time, so pick the one that really suits you and your kitchen. 

There are many choices of materials.  The most popular one is stainless steel.  It's durable and easily installed, which makes it an economical option.  Stainless steel can blend into any kitchen design.  Choose the 18-gauge nickel-and-stainless-steel sink that has a brushed finish.  Steel is very strong and resists denting, and nickel element repels water spots. 

Enameled cast iron is another great choice for sink.  It's durable and color-coated.  You can have it done in such colors as black, red, blue or green.  It would cost about $200.   

You have more options of colors with sinks that are more expensive.  They are made out of such materials as solid surface material, quartz composite or vitreous china.  Solid surfacing comes in solid colors and gives the look of stone.  An advantage here is that the sink and the countertop are one piece and are easy to clean.  Vitreous china sinks are a type of china.  They have high gloss finish, which makes the sink stain resistant.  Quartz composite sink consists of a combination of at least 2 materials.  This creates toughness, durability and a distinct look.  It comes in great variety of colors, shades and styles. 


Besides your choice in materials for the sink, consider what shape and size you need it to be.  Double-bowl sinks have one deep side for bigger cookware, like pots and pans, and one shallow side for smaller jobs.  A sink with three bowls has two large bowls with a small one in the middle.   


The way the sink is mounted will affect it's efficiency and look.  Sinks that are top-mounted have a ridge, which fits over the countertop.  This kind of sink is easy to install.  It's privilege is in the fact that it catches splashes of water.  If you want a sink to be leveled with the countertop, it would have to be flush-mounted.  This is a very smooth look for your kitchen design. 


Sinks that are under-mounted are attached below the countertop.  Granite, marble or solid surface materials are best for this kind of sink.  It's advantage is that it's leak-free.  Integral sink is where the countertop and the sink are one.  They are usually made with solid surfacing material.  It's plus is that it has no seams and will not trap water or dirt. 


The standard sink is a 33" double bowl with 13" wide basins.  It will not have room for large pots and pans.  This standard sink is 8" deep and if you pick a budget model, then it's 6-7" deep.  If you use large cookware, pick a sink 10" deep.

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