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Light Up Your Kitchen

 Light Up Your Kitchen

Lighting affects the atmosphere and the mood of the house.  Kitchen has to have such arrangement of light that would satisfy all of the room's functions, like preparing food, eating or entertaining.  It should have consistent lighting that does not cause sharp shadows or light contrasts. 

When picking out lamps or chandeliers for the kitchen, consider different times of day, and providing your kitchen with comfortable, equal level of light.  Daytime has enough light and if your walls or cabinets are light shade of color, the light will be reflected off these surfaces.  This will give your kitchen strong, natural light exposure.   

If your kitchen has mirrors or glossy surfaces, this will visually expand your kitchen and make it appear larger.  You can increase your natural light supply by 1/3 if you simply wash the windows.  If there is not enough natural light during the day, you can always depend on artificial lights positioned in the right places.  For a kitchen, it is better to have adjustable lighting, so that you can control the exposure.  The closest to natural kind of lighting is luminescent fixtures. 

General lighting, such as a chandelier in the middle of the kitchen, has to be adjustable for daytime in case you need a little more light, and for evening's bright illumination.  This light should be distributed evenly throughout the room.  Even, bright light will make your food look natural and appetizing.  Main lighting should be white in color, but if you want to put emphasis on an area or to highlight a design element, you can use color lights.  

Small accent lights should be focused on designated area, like a surface of a table or a sink.  If you have a light focused on the dining room table, have other lighting around the kitchen to balance the light throughout the room.   

When selecting lighting for your kitchen, the main task is to create a balance of light that spreads throughout the room and also lights different working areas of the kitchen.  Lighting appliances have to become a melodic part of your kitchen decor.

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