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Picking Out Appliances For Your Kitchen

 Picking Out Appliances For Your Kitchen

 There are many styles of kitchen appliances available on the market today.  They can be high-tech, European or American, or vintage style.  Some of the basic ones that people need are an oven, microwave, dishwasher and refrigerator.  Here is some information you need to know before purchasing these appliances. 

Conventional oven has two heating elements.  The top is for regular cooking and the bottom is for baking and roasting.  This type of oven is also called thermal-heat oven or radiant heat.  The price of conventional oven starts at $400. 

Convection oven is more efficient than conventional oven, because it has a fan that disposes of food odors and makes the cooking faster and more even.  The best choice is a combination of the two ovens, which starts at about $1,000. 

Another budget alternative for cooking food is a range with oven and a cooktop.  It's less expensive than having a separate wall oven and cooktop.  A range will run about $350.  Self-cleaning ovens are $100 more expensive. 

For most families with fast-paced life styles, a microwave is a must have.  It quickly reheats meals and defrosts food.  A medium size microwave costs about $150. 

Dishwashers are not considered to be a luxury anymore and start at $150 for a basic model.  More high-tech models can be in the range of $2,000.  It's quiet, space-saving and has gentle cycle for fine china. 

An average refrigerator will have a separate freezer compartment above the food storage shelves.  The average price is $600.

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