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Simple Kitchen Makeover

 Simple Kitchen Makeover

Any kitchen can be easily refreshed by applying colors and patterns that you find in other parts of the house.  Or if you have no patterns in the kitchen, bring in some charming curtains and hand towels.  They will serve as decorating details and kitchen necessities.  Make sure that the fabrics are washable. 

Replace your old lamp with a modern light fixture.  It could be hung above the kitchen work area.  Task lighting is not always pretty, but necessary.  You can hide it behind a decorative piece of molding. 

To give kitchen a new look, you can take off upper cabinet doors, line the shelves with patterned lining paper and display your favorite dishes.  This is a neat and innovative solution to an old kitchen look. 

simple kitchenClutter will make a kitchen feel like a place where you do not want to be.  Organize it!  A nearby closet can become a pantry for clumsy items, like big pots and paper towels.  Keep your appliances in a cupboard or on shelves and not on countertops.  Flour, sugar, coffee or salt can become a decorating element when put into pretty containers and arranged on shelves. 

Kitchen can take on elements of other rooms.  Hang beautiful pictures, and not necessarily of food.  Embrace such accessories as fabric table cover or a decorative rug.  Just make sure that both are washable, because kitchen can get pretty messy.

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