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Storage Solutions For A Kitchen

 Storage Solutions For A Kitchen

One way to organize the kitchen is to get rid of kitchen towels lying around.  Display them by hanging the towels near the sink.  Just install a few small metal hooks. 

Cute laundry baskets can serve as recycling bins in the kitchen.  Put a plastic bag in it and the basket becomes a beautiful trash bin. 

If you have a beautiful set of pots and pans, show them off.  It's much better than letting them lay around the kitchen.  Hang the cookware along the wall or above a kitchen island.  This way you can also save cabinet space for other kitchen necessities. 

white kitchen shelvesPurchase beautiful glass container to display kitchen staples.  They could be large or small and of different colors.  Put a row of containers on the windowsill or countertop.  This arrangement can give the kitchen additional color and texture. 

Add rows of small, narrow shelves on an empty wall.  Besides being a great decorating element, the shelves will provide extra storage for small kitchen necessities, like mugs or wine glasses.  You can even display your favorite photos or small pictures of flowers, fruits or vegetables. kitchen layout

Upper kitchen cabinets can be used to display your favorite dinnerware.  Take off the cabinet doors, like the shelves with wallpaper and arrange the dishes in a pretty way.  Because it's hard to reach most upper cabinets, put the dinnerware in them that's meant for special occasions. 

If you have shelves across from the kitchen window, extend them to display glass bowls and glasses of different colors.  The light from the window will make glass objects shine, creating a warm, rainbow effect.

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