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Different Kinds Of Islands

 Different Kinds Of Islands

Every kitchen needs a kitchen island.  It's a great way to combine storage needs with extra cooking and dining space.  A new kitchen island can be easily added to an existing kitchen, because there are so many kinds. 

A small metal cart on casters makes a great island table for a small kitchen.  It gives a kitchen a complete look.  This cart is mobile and can be moved to any part of the room.   Put it near the stove when cooking and in the corner out of the way when the kitchen is not in use.  For preparing food, the island should be at least 20" wide. 

A medium size kitchen is a perfect place for a double-decker island.  It has at least one shelf on the bottom for storage and it's a stable unit.  You can put all the necessary cooking gear on the bottom, or use that space for decorating purposes to display beautiful dishes and cookware.  A standard table is 36" tall.  Some of these islands come with chairs or you can purchase them separately.  Pick padded stools to give your kitchen more pattern and color. 

An industrial style island can be ideal for a large kitchen.  It is usually stainless steel, but there are many choices of materials.  You can mix and match materials to flow with your kitchen decor.  It could be a combination of steel and wood, or a marble countertop with wooden base.  This kind of kitchen island gives you lots of choices as far as materials, colors and textures. 

When the kitchen is one of the bigger rooms of the house, consider a big kitchen island.  Besides phenomenal storage capacities, this table can replace a dining room table.  Storage here will usually be with pull-out drawers and cabinet doors. 


Some islands come with open shelves for displaying your favorite china or decorating items.  The large countertop allows you to explore your decorating possibilities, prepare food, eat, read, do homework and family activities.  You can have a kitchen sink or appliances installed in the island this size.  A large island is usually 4 feet wide.  Be careful purchasing one that's bigger than 8 feet wide, because it can become an obstacle and create traffic.  You have to be able to freely walk around an island with space left on both sides.

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