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Different Kinds Of Cabinet Doors

 Different Kinds Of Cabinet Doors

If you have too many glass cabinets and want to hide some objects from view, apply a frosty film to the cabinet doors.  Some frosty films have adhesive on the back and some work on electrostatic.  Apply them to the inside of the cabinet doors.  If you don't want to use frosty film, purchase lace or another sheer fabric, and tape it to the inside of the cabinet door using double-sided tape.  Lace covered door will look unique and give your kitchen extra pattern. 

To give an old, worn out cabinet a modern look, replace it with stainless steel.  You can have stainless steel panels cut to fit doors of any size.  To glue the panels to the frame of the door, use contact cement. 

Perforated metal will give a cabinet door pattern and a modern look.  Purchase sheets of perforated metal, have them cut to size and glue them to the back of the frame using clear caulk. 

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Besides decorating your shelves, window and ceiling trims, molding will also decorate the cabinet doors.  Make it a simple remodeling project for yourself.  Get a few different molding styles in various widths.  Arrange molding pieces on top of the door until you are happy with the look.  Glue the molding down using adhesive for wood.  You can then paint the door one color, or paint each molding a different color to create pattern and match the cabinet colors to the kitchen decor.

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