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How To Choose Colors For A Kitchen

 How To Choose Colors For A Kitchen

Colors For a Small Kitchen 

Dark colors will make your space look smaller than it is.  If you have a small kitchen, do not use colors like dark blues, reds, greens, browns or purples.  Stick to lighter palettes. 

For a small kitchen, light, clean colors are the best choice.  It can be just white or natural, or white with tints of green, purple, blue, red or yellow.  This combination will create a subtle, but beautiful background.  The same principle goes for the cabinets.  Let the cabinets be light and simple.  The less clutter you have in any kitchen, the bigger the space will feel. 

Colors For a Standard Size Kitchen 

If your kitchen is a medium sized space, you have the most choices in color.  The color combinations can be almost anything and the only thing to guide you here is lighting.   

For the kitchen with a lot of natural light and artificial light at night, use strong, bold colors.  This will allow you to highlight your kitchen.  When there is a small amount of natural light coming in and artificial lighting is not strong, choose lighter colors.  To use brighter colors, install stronger lighting.  Lighter colors will reflect more light in a dark kitchen. 

Colors For a Large Kitchen 

Large kitchens stand out because of their size.  Choosing bright, contrasting colors for such a kitchen will make it stand out from the rest of the house.  If that's your goal, then use bright palettes.  To make a large kitchen harmonize with the rest of the house, use colors that you already have in the house.  For example, if your living room is white and leads straight to the kitchen, use cream, beige or mix the white with green, blue, yellow or red for the kitchen.  You can even use the white for the kitchen also and just add small pockets of color to window frames and small walls to define certain areas within the kitchen.  Consider adding texture to blend your kitchen into its space. 

Using white on walls and adding colors and textures to the white is a great strategy for decorating open plan spaces.  Some colors that would work for this besides white are grays, neutrals, blacks, textured colors and metallics.  Great materials to use for this open kitchen space are laminates, tiles, granite and stainless steel. 

color-for-kitchen-2If it seems that these color schemes are too blend, accessories will help brighten up the interior.  To create interesting pockets of color and focal points, use brighter color combinations for things like vases, decorative pillows, lighting fixtures, curtains, mirrors, pictures and plants. 

If you have good sources of day and night light, you can go darker in the overall look.  When picking a rich shade for the main color of the kitchen, accessorize it in lighter colors to create contrast and interest.  One of the reasons why lighter backgrounds work better is that all your accessories will easily stand out and will beautify the space.  But if you decide to do the opposite - mix darks with light accessories, make sure you have enough light in the kitchen, and both light and dark colors are well mixed within decor. 

Colors For the Outdoor Kitchen 

The most popular new trend is to have an outdoor kitchen.  This is a great way to have an extra cooking space and have fun with color.  Look around this kitchen and see what colors you can use that are already there.  If you have plants, use their colors to accent the kitchen.  For example, if the colors of the plants are reds and pinks, use shades and tints of pinks for accessories, like a china set, table cover or purchase a pink floral picture to hang on the wall.  To highlight other greenery, consider fun, bright outdoor seating and cushions, in colors like greens and teals, oranges and pinks. 

For a kitchen that's set up in a certain style, look up that style's color palette.  Which style suits your taste?  Is it country, victorian, contemporary, colonial or other? 

Try on colors for the kitchen by using a large poster paper with the paint you chose.  Hold up this paper to your kitchen's walls during daytime and at night.  This method will give you an idea of what works for your kitchen.  Visualize the kitchen.  How do you want it to look?   

If you do not know where to start, start with whites or neutral tones.  You can gradually add colors to the room.      

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