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More On Counter Top Choices For A Kitchen

 More On Counter Top Choices For A Kitchen
A lot of decisions for selecting counter tops depend on how much you want to spend.  The materials range in prices from the cheap laminate to the more expensive stone.  The properties of each material can also influence your choice.  Some of the questions to ask yourself when selecting counter tops for the kitchen are:
  •      What kind of material will fit into the style of my kitchen?
  •      Is it a quick makeover so that I can sell my house, or do I need the material to last for a long time?
  •      Does my kitchen get a lot of traffic?  How durable should the counter material be? 
  •      Is the material I chose for the counter top easily repaired?

A wooden or timber counter top is a great decorating choice.  It looks fabulous because of the grainy texture.  This is an ideal choice for a country style kitchen. 

Wood counter tops are made by laying out and laminating strips of wood together.  This creates a large piece of wood that's sanded.  After the counter is laid down, the wood is lacquered or oiled to get the durable, shiny finish.  This type of counter is easily repaired by sanding it and oiling over the surface again.  The downfall of lacquering the surface is that it will scratch and wear out fast.  Oil surface is more durable and odor absorbent.  

Stainless steel counter has a lot of advantages.  You can lay it over the counter and sink at once.  This will create a seamless design, which does not allow water or food to be stuck in the cracks.  Stainless steel withstands high temperatures and does not stain.  Just be careful cutting on the steel because it will scratch.  Steel will also match many stainless steel appliances that are on the market today. 

Ceramic tile is not very popular as a counter top material, but can look very unique.  There are many colors and patterns to choose from.  The tiles for the counter should be glazed so that they don't scratch.  Some interior designers prefer to put the tiles as a splash back instead of a counter.  The tiles are durable, and water and heat resistant. 

Laminate counters are most popular because of the many colors, styles and patterns to choose from.  It can imitate most materials, like marble, steel or granite.  Laminate is very affordable, versatile and relatively durable.   

Granite is one of the most durable counter tops you can purchase.  It is stable, stain and scratch resistant.  Granite is considered a luxurious material.  Because of its weight, granite requires a strong floor and cabinet to support it.  To purchase a granite counter top requires a bigger budget.

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