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How To Choose Flooring For Your Kitchen

 How To Choose Flooring For Your Kitchen
The choices of flooring are almost unlimited.  When selecting the right flooring you can stumble on a lot of questions.  Some of the questions to ask oneself before buying flooring are:
  •      Is your kitchen a high traffic room? How long do you expect the floor to last?
  •      Do you want to redo the flooring because you are selling your house, or is this a long term remodeling?
  •      What is your budget?

 Answering these questions will give you an idea of what to look for.  For a quick fix you can lay down vinyl, which is cheap and looks great.  Stone, which will cost a lot more is very durable and will last for years to come. 

Budget is what most people consider when choosing flooring.  You might want to fit matching cabinets and flooring into your budget.  Think about all the things you need for the kitchen besides the floor.  What appliances and cabinets will you buy?  How will this influence your flooring spending? 

One thing to really consider when choosing flooring is the surface.  Kitchen is one of the messier rooms of the house.  Your flooring has to withstand all the spills and chemical cleaners.  A durable surface for this flooring is a must.  This eliminates such choices as carpeting and cheap wood, unless the wood can be properly sealed. 

The overall design of the floor has to fit with the style of the kitchen.  For example, for a modern kitchen, maybe your choice of flooring is ceramic tile or laminate.  For a country style kitchen, select wood that's properly sealed.  The colors, textures and patterns that you choose for your floor have to harmonize with the style of the kitchen. 

Colors and textures can be tricky in flooring choices.  A very light or white floor will look dirty fast.  You will be able to see every piece of dust on it within a day and would have to clean it very often.  A very dark or black floor has the same issue.  For minimal cleaning its best to pick a neutral color of floor, like beige.  Textures are a very nice addition to the originality of the floor, but can also be difficult to clean.  An embossed texture with have dirt build up in between the curves of the floor.   

After reading this information, take a look at some flooring options to think about the ones that could work for you.  It's better to consider all the pros and cons before you buy, than dislike the qualities of the kitchen floor after it's installed.

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