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Kitchen Makeover On A Budget

 Kitchen Makeover On A Budget

The most difficult thing to do when working with a budget is to fit all the kitchen necessities into that budget.  Whatever your budget is, set aside about 10% extra for things that you might need along the way.  This extra money could be needed for an extra wall section repair or upgrading the plumbing. 

After your kitchen remodeling budget is set, prioritize which items are the most important to your kitchen.  Lay out your kitchen on paper to make sure you have included the most important furniture and appliances. 

Get a contractor to price out the required work.  When you have all the prices, you can work with your list of items to make over.  Make sure all the remodeling fits into your budget.  You might find that instead of fixing a few things, it’s better to expand your budget and remodel most of the kitchen to get more money when you decide to sell.  A kitchen is one of the most important rooms of the house and remodeling it completely might be worth doing for the long run. 

For a relatively small budget you might want to replace only certain things.  For example, instead of getting all new cabinets, repaint or restain the existing doors of the cabinets.  Replace old cabinet handles and knobs with more modern versions.  Replacing kitchen appliances can be less expensive than replacing the cabinets and will refresh the kitchen.   

kitchen-on-a-budget-2Painting the walls is every decorator's trick.  It will not cost much, but will refresh the kitchen, making it look brand new.  To add more counter space, add a small island to the kitchen.  An extra island will make the kitchen look more furnished. 

To make the kitchen appear bigger, add lighting.  When an interior is light, it looks more welcoming, bigger and more comfortable. 

Pick a style for your kitchen.  Add some artwork that matches pots, pans and accessories.  When a kitchen has some sort of style, it looks more welcoming.  For a country style, get wooden picture frames, lamp posts and vases.  For a Victorian style kitchen, choose rose paintings and wallpaper.  You can add patterns to the kitchen through tiled splash back and curtains. 

To save money on your remodeling, sell some of your old appliances and kitchen necessities through internet, newspapers and on flea markets.  One person's garbage can be another person's treasure, and everybody wins.

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