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Kitchen Window Makeover

 Kitchen Window Makeover

There are four sections of the kitchen window that you can decorate: the window itself, the walls surrounding the window, countertops close by and the cabinets.   

For the glass in the windows you can purchase plastic window film.  It sticks to glass without glue, and you can take it off any time.  This film comes in many designs, like frosted, stained, floral and seasonal decorating film.  Window film is available in sheets and cutouts.  It can make the window match your decor better or just give an old kitchen a little freshness.   

To easily change the look of the kitchen window, change your curtains.  For a fun, new look add some details to the curtains, like trims, ribbons, fabric flowers or buttons. 

Any large empty wall space will make the room look naked.  Add some decorations to it!  You can arrange a group of pictures on the wall or hang one big picture.  Click here to see different ways of arranging pictures.  Make the pictures match the style of decor in your kitchen.     

Purchase accessories, like pottery, vases, baskets and plants for the countertop area.  Make these accessories match the decor of your kitchen and make sure they go with each other.  Maybe some of the pottery and plant pots are similar in colors or of similar sizes.  Pottery and baskets can also serve as storage containers for small kitchen items and will get rid of the clutter on the counter space. 

Kitchen cabinets can be refreshed in different ways.  One way to instantly change the look of the kitchen is to repaint the cabinets.  Or you can just paint the frames of the cabinets.  You can also decorate the cabinet doors with small pictures or other details. 

Adding new accessories and slightly changing the kitchen window decor can make a huge difference between an old look and a kitchen you'll love.

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