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How To Simply Organize Your Kitchen

 How To Simply Organize Your Kitchen

Since so many things happen in the kitchen, it can be the hardest room to organize.  Here are some simple suggestions for a clean, organized kitchen. 

Countertops can become very messy and crowded with things you are using.  Put away appliances that you are not using every once a week.  This will give you more free space that you can use.   

Store the things you use most often right where you can see them.  You can install additional shelves or just keep them on the countertop if there is space.  Try to store these items at eye level. 

Go through your pantry and throw away anything past its expiration date.  Arrange cans and boxes of food so that you can see all the labels.  This will create a much easier access. 

Keep your pots and pans close at hand in the cabinets next to the stove.  You can also install an above the countertop pot rack.  This can add a design element to your decor and save space.  

If you need extra storage space, purchase extra shelves, kitchen cart or a kitchen rack. 

Go through your refrigerator and discard anything that you don't use.  Throw away old items at least once a week.  Make this day the same day you buy new groceries.  You will have a lot more free space and a neater fridge. 

Organize the refrigerator.  Put similar items on one shelf, like all the beverages on the lower door shelf and all the condiments on the middle door shelf.  Make things easy to find for yourself. 

Store your food containers next to either the fridge or the microwave.  Arrange them by size and stack them one inside another to save space and create neatness.   

Dried foods, like cereals, pasta, rice, sugar or salt can be put in plastic or glass storage containers.  You can also get decorative jars for these dried foods and display them on the countertop if you have space. 

Food packets, like soups and teas can be stored in a glass jar or a plastic container.  Get a container that is see through, so that you can always recognize the things you are storing in it. 

Go through your spice rack and put all the most often used spices in the front.  Its also great to have a spinning spice rack, so that all the spices can be easily found at any time.  Throw away any spices that you haven't used for more than six months. 

Install hooks for utensils.  You can save drawer space by hanging the utensils in the cabinets or display them below top cabinets at eye level. 

To find everything easier, keep napkins, paper towels and plastic dinner ware together.  

To save space, keep trash bags on the bottom of the trash container.  

Store heavy items, like containers of water and juice on the lower shelves for easy access. 

Keep your cookbooks on a separate shelf or in its own draw.  Put it away after use.   

If you have children, dedicate one shelf to their snacks.  This way they will know where to find their snacks without going through the whole kitchen. 

Consider purchasing a couple of decorative boxes to store small things, like matches, batteries, candles and small appliances.  You can also use shoe boxes for this. 

Apply some of these organizing tips to your kitchen to make it a clean, pleasant room to cook in, eat in, and spend time with your loved ones.

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