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How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets

 How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets

If you are on a budget and want to change the look of your kitchen cabinets, repaint them.  This option is less costly than replacing the whole cabinetry and can greatly refresh an old kitchen.  It will only take a couple of days considering that you have everything prepared to do the paint job. 

One thing you have to decide on is whether to paint the whole cabinet or just the outside.  Painting just the parts of the kitchen cabinets that are visible will save money and time.  Also, painting the inside will not make much of a difference, because you can’t see it.   

To prepare for the paint job, remove the hardware and the doors from the cabinets.  Make sure you either remember which doors go on which cabinets or mark them with a pencil on the inside.  Place drop cloths on the floor and countertops.  The best drop cloths are plastic, because they won't let the paint seep through.  You can tape the drop cloths down with masking tape, so that they don't accidentally move during the painting. 

Cleaning the cabinets before painting is very important.  Kitchen is a messy place and there are always oil or grease stains here and there.  If you leave the stains, the paint is not going to lay right on the surface.  The end result could be an uneven color or uneven surface.  To clean oil and grease, use stronger cleaning agents.  Let the surface dry before painting it. 

Start painting the cabinets with a primer.  Use a roller when painting large areas and a brush for smaller areas.  Let the primer dry for at least 12 hours.  If you are applying more than one coat of primer, let each paint coat dry before applying the next one. 

Now you are ready to paint the cabinets in the color that you chose.  Pick paint that is high quality.  Sometimes it’s worth spending a couple of extra bucks.  The kind of paint you choose will depend on the materials that your cabinetry is made of.  Is it metal, wood or plastic?  Make sure to ask the home improvement store associate what paint is right for your surface material.   

There are a few finishes that you can go with.  Those are satin finish, semi gloss or gloss.  The more glossy the paint, the easier it is to clean.  The best choice for kitchen paint finish is gloss. 

The color you choose should go well with the overall look and style of your kitchen.  If you are not sure on the color, make it neutral.  You can always make your kitchen more colorful by choosing brighter accessories.  You can also paint the cabinets in two different colors, one main one for the doors and second color for the frames. 

After the painting is complete, open all the windows and allow the kitchen to ventilate for at least a couple of hours.  Allow 24 hours for the paint to dry.  Now put back the doors and hardware.  To further update the kitchen, purchase new hardware that matches your decor.

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