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Bedroom Decorating Basics

 Bedroom Decorating Basics

The bedroom is a room where you rest and relax.  It also serves a purpose of bonding with a loved one and experiencing intimacy.  With this said, your bedroom should reflect the atmosphere of your personal sanctuary.

Choosing the right colors for your bedroom is one of the ways to create the most relaxing and sensual space.  If you want the room to feel light and calm, the colors you might want to pick are lighter shades of yellow, blue, green, cream, taupe, brown or lavender.  If the look you are looking for is passion, then I would suggest tones of reds, pinks or burgundies.  The way to create a look that is both relaxing and romantic is to mix your soft shades with brighter ones.  For example, if you paint the walls taupe, then your accessories, such as picture frames or lamp shades could be in the tones of burgundy or cream or both.  Consider accentuating your bedroom with other items, such as curtains, rugs and pillows.

The right lighting can give the bedroom a peaceful, romantic feel.  Maybe instead of a bright lamp you have one that gives off soft light and has a charming chandelier in the accent colors that compliment the rest of your accessories.  You can put the lighting anywhere in the room - above the bed, next to the bed, on the dresser or in the corner.

There are all kinds of accessories you can add to your bedroom to make it the most relaxing, romantic and personal room for you.  Consider scented candles, fresh or imitated flowers, plants, vases of different sizes, small table waterfalls, wall hangings.  Try putting those things in different sections of the room to see how you like it.  Mix and match, and enjoy.

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