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Expanding Bedroom Space

If your bedroom is not spacious, you can visually trick the eye to see it as bigger.  Here are some of the ways to do this: 

It's very common to shove the bed against the wall where it would not block the light, but you can also try positioning it against the window, in the middle of the room.  When you have a small room to work with and there aren't so many options, centering the bed creates a strong focal point.  Cover it with fun linens and see it flourish.expanding bedroom space 2    

Curtains that are hung high, close to the ceiling give the illusion that the room is taller.  Also, hanging pictures high up create the same effect.  It draws the eye up, making you feel that you are in a large room. 

To increase the depth of your bedroom, pick the curtains that are see through or clear.  Letting in the most natural light and not limiting your sight lines gives you the impression that there is more space.  A similar trick can be done with mirrors by positioning them so that they reflect natural light.

expanding bedroom space 3

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