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How To Arrange The Furniture In The Bedroom

 How To Arrange The Furniture In The Bedroom

The bed becomes a focal point of any bedroom.  It is the biggest piece in the room, but make sure to leave room for other furniture that you'll need.  A king-size bed is the most comfortable, but will you need it?  Or is it better to get a queen-size and leave extra space for other furnishings? 

Built-ins are a great way to gain storage space.  They can surround the bed or be in the corner and out of view.  Built-ins can hide clutter and store your necessities, like bedding and sleepwear.  It can also present a solution for a TV space, so that it's on display only when in use. 

The bedroom doesn't need to have seating, but if you want it there pick something like an ottoman for the foot of the bed.  Pick soft seating that will go with the overall comfortable feeling of the bedroom and will fit into your room's decor. 

The nightstands do not have to match the bed.  They should fit in with the overall design of the room.  If you have two nightstands, they should either be the same or at least similar in height and finish.  These tables should have enough room to store bedtime necessities.  The same idea can be applied to lamps. 

Bedroom is one of the most personal rooms and is separated from the rest of the house.  This is one room that doesn't have to match the rest of the house.  You can introduce patterns and colors here that do not match other rooms.

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