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Pick Your Bedding Comfort Level

 Pick Your Bedding Comfort Level

When purchasing bed linens, test the softness of the fabric by rubbing it on your cheek.  Balance the thread quality and the thread count, which is threads per square inch. 

Poor thread quality sheets, which have 280 thread count will feel rougher than Egyptian cotton with 200 thread count.  The ideal choice is sheets that are made using nanotechnology.  They don't wrinkle and draw sweat away from skin.  Those sheets are very soft and comfy. 

An important factor in the choice of duvets or comforters is fill power.  Fill power is how many cubic inches are in an ounce of down.  If the number is high, like 500 or 700, the more air will be trapped in a comforter and the warmer it will be.  The best choices here are duck down or white goose. 

The kind of pillow you select depends on whether you like a soft or firm pillow.  All down pillows will be super soft.  Pick half feathers or half down for a medium firmness.  An all feather pillow is firm.  Down-like polyester pillows are good for people with allergies.

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