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What You Need In A Guest Bedroom

 What You Need In A Guest Bedroom

A bedroom intended for guests should feel like a homey bed-and-breakfast.  You can borrow ideas from some of the great hotels or bed-and-breakfasts that you have visited.  The bed here means as much as a table in the dining room.  It's the main attraction and focal point.  You can settle for a full size bed or a foldable futon sofa bed.   

Besides the bed, there should be some additional furnishings for your guests' comfort.  Have a decent size cabinet or a storage closet with empty hangers for clothes.  For suitcases and bags, purchase a bench or a chair.  Show your guests where you store extra pillows and blankets.  You can keep them in the closet or cabinet in the guest bedroom.  Install a full-length mirror on the wall or on the door.  Consider putting a phone in the room on the guest bedroom 2nightstand or mount it to the wall.  Including a local telephone book is very thoughtful. 

One of the accessories that might be useful to have in the room is a local map or a brochure that will guide to sightseeing, restaurants and other attractions.  Adding daily newspapers to the magazine rack will tell your guests about the upcoming weather.  Add a single use camera to the bedroom. 

Have a small section of the bedroom dedicated to coffee maker, various kinds of coffees, teas and hot chocolate.  Decorate this small section by hanging pretty cups and mugs on the wall above the coffee maker.  Have snacks and fruits nearby, which can become a wonderful part of the decor of the bedroom and the guest bedroom 3guests can take them along on outings. 

Spare toiletries are very thoughtful just in case your guests forget something at home.  Have a basket filled with soaps, lotions and shampoos.  Make room for a pen holder and a small notebook on the nightstand. 

To add a touch of hospitality, place fresh cut flowers on the nightstands.  They add warmth, color, texture and welcome the guests in.  You can make a memories journal and place it in the guest bedroom to see how the guests liked their stay.

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