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How To Add Color To A White Bedroom

 How To Add Color To A White Bedroom

A white, boring bedroom can be easily transformed by replacing bedspreads, sheets and pillows.  Pick two colors and choose bedding that has those two colors and white.  For more interest select a few different shades of white, like cream and light beige. 

Choose two complementary colors as your base.  For example, pink and green have a lot of energy when combined together.  It can also be aquas and reds, or yellows and purples.  White comes in handy when you need to tone down those bright hues.  It's perfect for the bedroom where you want to have some color, but it needs to look fresh and calm. 

When combining complementary colors, let one of them stand out.  If both colors stand out, they struggle for attention.  There should be most of one color and touches of another.  For example, get green and white patterned bedding and throw in pink and white pillows. 

A colorful bedspread can help bring colors into bedroom accessories.  Use colors from the bedspread with white on things like pillows, candles, vases, curtains and other accessories. 

When working with few different patterns, put them next to each other to see if they go together.  A green and white pattern can go great with green, yellow and pink pattern.  A busy small floral pattern in green and white can match a polka dot pattern of pink and white. 

All colors become brighter when put against white background.  Your background is the floor, walls, headboard and furniture.  Use shades of white, like cream or warm gray to tone down the colors.  White adds freshness to any color palette. 

Your accessories in the bedroom should be much brighter than the bedding.  For a white, green and pink bedroom palette, pick accessories of bright green and fuchsia.  These bright accessories like lamps, decorative boxes and bouquets will make great focal points for the bedroom.

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