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Planning Out The Bedroom

 Planning Out The Bedroom

The bed being the center of attention in your bedroom should have the best location.  In a bedroom with only one large wall, places where you can put the bed are limited.  Use your creativity to make a view around your bed.  Wallpaper, a painted finish or a wall arrangement can create a great view. 

In a small bedroom, use all your closet space for linen storage and clothes.  This can eliminate the need for an armoire or a space bedroom plan 2consuming dresser.  You can also purchase a bed with drawers on the bottom for extra storage.  Leave to view only what you need and want to show off. 

What is the size of your bed?  What is the percentage of the room that the bed takes up?  Consider how much room you have left after you put the bed in and what you want to use that space for.  Headboards consume some space as well.  Instead of an old-fashioned big wooden headboard, purchase a metal scroll-like one. 

You need to have enough space in the bedroom to be able to bedroom plan 1easily walk around the bed.  There should be two feet of free space on both sides of the bed.  Create easy access to all the furniture by getting rid of things you don't need.  Replace bulky wide armoires and dressers with thin, long ones that stretch to the ceiling.  Allow at least three feet of space between the bed and the door. 

Have at least three feet of dressing space in front of the closet.  Anything less will make it uncomfortable to get dressed.  If your armoire or dresser has pull-out drawers, leave at least three feet in the front for pull-out space. 

To extend bedroom floor space, have furniture pieces that are more tall than wide.  Bigger furniture should be parallel or perpendicular to the walls. 

For the purpose of adding comfort furniture, put a bench or an ottoman at the foot of the bed and by the window.

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