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Decorating A Bedroom With Mirrors

 Decorating A Bedroom With Mirrors

Mirrors are very elegant and add space to the room.  They can be used not just to look at oneself, but for decorating and beautifying your home.  The bedroom is the perfect place for a mirror.   

Full length mirror is best for the bedroom.  As a decor element it adds length to the walls.  Before going out any woman needs to check herself out to feel her full beauty.  You don't want to walk out with your scarf dragging on the floor or a skirt tucked into the stockings.  Also, hang a mirror by your front door to look at yourself one last time before you leave. 

If your bedroom has low ceiling, hang a mirror on the ceiling to raise the walls up and make the room feel taller.  It will also look like a skylight, which is beautiful.  A floor to ceiling mirror will also create an illusion of added space. 

To spice up your picture collection on the wall, hang small mirrors between the pictures.  This will add a surprise to the wall and will look very different and unique. 

To make the space above the fireplace seem bigger, hang a large mirror above the fireplace.  The wall will automatically be transformed and will appear larger.  Put this mirror into a beautiful decorative frame to make it a focal point of the room.  The frame should go with the overall decor of the room, or the style of the room.   

Kids’ rooms should also have mirrors.  Children love looking at themselves and a mirror will keep them neater and cleaner.  Make a collage of pictures and put a mirror among them.  A child will love looking at the pictures of himself and then comparing those pictures with how he looks now. 

Mirrors are also great for a kitchen.  It can be a backsplash or just hanging on a wall.  Just remember that a kitchen mirror will need constant cleaning, because of all the oil vapors. 

For an amazing space giving effect hang a mirror on the opposite side of a window.  This mirror will reflect the nature of the outdoors and give your bedroom more scenery.  Do this  especially if you have a garden outside your window.  You will be able to view your beautiful plants and flowers on both sides of the room. 

Brighten up your bedroom with different shapes of mirrors.  Consider a long rectangle or a circle before purchasing a square.  They come in many fun shapes and sizes.  Measure your walls before buying a mirror to make sure it will be a good fit.  Before hanging a picture you might not like, consider a beautiful mirror to decorate your bedroom with.

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