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How To Pick Out Pillows For The Bedroom

 How To Pick Out Pillows For The Bedroom

Wool pillows are great for people with allergies and because they hold the pillow shape very well.  These pillows will last very long.  Choose a softer wool pillow even if you like your pillows firm, because when wool is tightly packed, it can be too firm.  If you are someone who sweats a lot or gets really hot during the night, wool pillows are ideal for you.  Wool gets great ventilation and air circulation, so that your body is constantly regulated. 

Cotton pillows are really soft and are also good for people with allergies.  Cotton has great ventilation and air circulation.  The down side of cotton is that these pillows will get flat soon.  If you like thin pillows, cotton is the best choice.  Also, cotton is very flexible and the pillow can be folded into many shapes. 

Latex pillows are not for softness lovers.  Latex is the firmest in pillow choice.  Most latex pillows come molded to give better support to the neck and back.  When suffering from neck and back aches, latex pillows might give you the best support to relieve pressure. 

Most latex pillows are hypo-allergic.  They are safe from mildew or bed bugs, because of their firmness.  Besides supporting you body in the best way, latex pillows are also the best for decorating your bedroom.  They will keep the pillow shape even after some wear.  Latex comes in millions of colors and patterns, and some of these pillows are even designed so that they have more air circulation for your nightly comfort. 

Another great choice is a feather or down pillow.  With feather pillows you can choose any firmness you want, they are very comfortable and have great air circulation.  Down pillows are the softest and you can choose a combination of down and feathers to get the perfect firmness. 

Some feather pillows are cheaper versions of the quality ones.  They can have rough feather edges sticking out, so be careful when purchasing those.  The down side of this type of pillow is that you can be allergic to the dust in the down or feather pillow.  After being processed, not all feathers are free of dust.  Some companies make the hypo-allergic types of down or feather pillows that you can choose instead of regular down or feather. 

The cheapest type of pillow you can purchase is dacron pillow.  The best thing about these pillows is the price.  Dacron can bunch up and after wear will have balled up areas and empty areas.  These pillows are synthetic and have poor air circulation.  The best use for dacron pillows is in the living room for decorating purposes.   

In general all pillows need a good pillowcase.  Wash your pillowcases often to rinse away dirt and body oil.  Cotton, wool, latex and feather pillows should not be washed in the machine, because they will loose their shape.  Dry clean instead.  For a small dirty area on the pillow, try to spot clean it.  Picking out the right pillow for the bedroom is very important to your comfort and quality rest.  Hopefully these pillow descriptions were helpful, so that when you go to buy one, you will select the best one for you.

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