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How To Decorate a Tabletop In The Bedroom

 How To Decorate a Tabletop In The Bedroom

Every bedroom must have some kind of a surface to put lamps, pictures, books and other bedtime necessities.  Decorate your table so that the whole section of the bedroom where the table stands becomes a special, unique space.  

Decorating a tabletop is a great way to add something special to the room.  If your bedroom is lacking color, add some pop color by arranging bright, unique things on your table, like plants, vases, pictures, candles, clocks and other decorating accessories. 

To start decorating a tabletop select the items that you would like to display and make sure they have something in common with each other.  These items can share the same colors, have similar patterns, be made out of the same materials or are made in the same decorating style.  Have the style of these items match the overall style of your bedroom.  Try to have an arrangement of a few different colors, patterns and textures.   

Now that we have gathered all the things we want to put on the table, lets decorate it.  Take the biggest item and place it at the back of the table.  This will create a nice background for other items and you can still see it behind other things.  Take medium items and put them in front of the biggest one, take small items and put them in front of the medium ones.   

Try to group the items by putting ones with similar themes, textures or colors close to each other.  Put items that have contrast in theme or color in the middle or on the side of the table to create a focal point.  The colors on the table should flow and yet be not all the same.  In other words, don't pick items of the same color, but also don't have them be all different colors of the rainbow.  To help you in choosing color theme, use color wheel.  You can pick a group of warm colors or cool colors, depending on the theme and decor of your bedroom. 

If you have a lot of small objects on the table, put them on a tray.  Pick a tray that works with the decor of the bedroom.  For example, if the bedroom is in Victorian style, pick a carved, floral tray.  For a country style bedroom, put the objects on a wooden tray. 

Keeping your table surfaces free of clutter is the best decorating secret.  Arrange your items on the tabletop, don't just throw them together.  You don't have to keep all of the necessary objects on the night stand, just the selected few.  Put the rest in the drawer.  You can always change your arrangement to keep the decor in the bedroom fresh and innovative every month.

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