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Different Types Of Bed Sheets For The Bedroom

 Different Types Of Bed Sheets For The Bedroom

Bed sheets are very important to your nightly comfort.  They also provide insulation and warmth.  There are two main kinds: flat and fitted sheets.  The flat sheet is just a piece of hemmed fabric.  It usually covers the fitted sheet and is also called the top sheet.  A fitted sheet covers the mattress directly, and has corners with elastic so that the material can cover the mattress and stay in place. 

The ideal choice for summer bed sheets is satin.  This fabric will keep you nice and cool in hot weather.  These sheets are also called sateen sheets.  Satin circulates air very well, because it’s light.  It will make you feel like you are sleeping in the nude because its so light and airy.   

Satin sheets are not everyone's first choice.  They might feel rough to the skin and slippery.  Make sure you buy the best satin quality you can find for your bed.  High quality satin can make all the difference between comfort and discomfort.  The higher the thread count of satin, the better the quality.  Designers love satin for the sheen the material gives off and for its sleek, smooth look.  

Cotton sheets come in many different types and qualities.  The highest quality on the market is Egyptian cotton.  It’s made in Egypt and has the highest thread count. Egyptian cotton sheets are considered a luxury and the best for the perfect rest.  These sheets are durable, soft and circulate air well.  The only designer downfall with cotton sheets is that they crinkle after the dryer and ironing them can be pretty hard. 

In the winter the best choice of bed sheets is flannel.  They are soft and warm.  Flannel sheets are made from cotton blends which give the sheets softness, and from wool that gives the warmth.  Flannel is not the best air circulator, because of its thickness.  If you want air circulation and warmth, purchase thicker cotton sheets.   

When shopping for bed sheets, be sure to buy the right size for your bed.  Sheets that are too big or too small will make your rest uncomfortable.  The bedroom is a very personal space and everything in it is part of a personal preference.  Since you are going to spend one third of your life in this room, select your bed sheets to be the most comfortable for you. 

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