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All About Platform Beds

 All About Platform Beds

Every bedroom's most important item is the bed.  Your bed has to give you reliability and comfort for a good night's rest.  Platform beds are becoming more popular.  They allow you to have more space to move around in and for decorating.  Some platform beds come with drawers underneath for extra storage. 

Platform beds do not have the footboard and they are lower than regular beds.  These beds are unique and easy to maintain.  You can save on space with a platform bed, because it does not require a big mattress.  You can purchase a futon mattress or regular size mattress for the platform bed. 

There are different types of platform beds available.  Most of them come in wood and are quite unique and cozy.  The type of bed you select will depend on your personal taste and preferences.  A good choice of a platform bed is one with four posters.  Those usually come in maple or oak and will last a long time.  There are also less expensive metal platform beds. 

For an Asian inspired theme platform beds are ideal.  They are low to the ground and pretty minimal.  To decorate this bed, purchase accessories, such as Asian prints, rice lamps and bamboo floor mats.

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