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How To Select A Mattress

 How To Select A Mattress

Since we spend a third of the lifetime in bed, it’s very important to have the right mattress for the best night's rest.  There are a few things to consider before buying a new mattress.  One of them is budget.  A great mattress will last for about eight years, so investing a little more money might be worth it in a long run. 

Because you will have this mattress for years, try it out before buying it.  Go to a few different stores.  Don't settle on the first one you see.  You should end up with an ideal selection for you. 

When selecting a mattress, make sure that it will fit the base of the bed.  Not all mattresses are the same and some might not fit the bed frame.  Choose one that is comfortable, practical and will have the right fit. 

There are a few mattress types that you can choose for your bed, like memory foam, regular foam, pocket spring, open spring, or luxury.  Memory foam mattress moulds to your body and is considered the most comfortable.  It is also the most expensive one.  A pocket spring mattress will give a lot of support and is great for two people of different sizes sleeping on it.  An open spring mattress has a firm edging that will keep the shape of the mattress for years to come. 

When you have your budget figured out and know what type of mattress you want, go to the stores.  Little shops are always more expensive.  The best way to buy a mattress is online or when big department stores have a sale.  If you purchased one online, have extra money for delivery charges. 

After your brand new mattress is delivered, take off all the packaging and air it out to get rid of manufacturing smells.  Plastic packaging materials should be removed, because they cause moisture to stay inside the mattress, which can grow mould later on. 

Some of the other things that you might want to buy along with the mattress are accessories, like toppers and mattress protectors, and mattress maintenance items.  Its best to wait after the mattress is in your house to purchase those things.

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