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How To Redecorate Your Bedroom On a Budget

 How To Redecorate Your Bedroom On a Budget

First thing to do when decorating a bedroom on a budget is to pick your theme.  It will be much easier to decorate when you know what colors to use, what accessories to buy and how you want your room to look in general.  Your theme can simply be a color scheme.  Or you can pick from such styles as country, western, modern, or art deco.  For more decorating styles, click here.  Outlining your style will eliminate all the unnecessary things out of the bedroom, and will let you concentrate on all the things you need to have. 

Painting can be cheap and refreshing.  For the bedroom you might want to consider lighter colors, like yellow, light blue or light green to make the room seem airy and spacious.  Or you might want it to look rich in browns, peaches, reds and pinks to add coziness and romance.  You might want to only add decorative wallpaper borders or stencils to the walls.  This will also save some money.  Just a few decorative touches on the walls can make all the difference. 

Clean up the bedroom before redecorating it.  When your space is clean, it’s easier to see what to add and what to eliminate.  Your decorating efforts will not be noticeable in a dirty, cluttered bedroom.  Cleaning can help your redecorating, because you might want to add extra storage items to the bedroom, like decorative boxes or storage containers to put under the bed. 

Changing your fabrics is an easy way to add much needed freshness to a room.  Replace your old comforter cover, pillow covers and curtains.  Some of those can be bought in a set.  You can redecorate your old curtains with trims, beads, buttons and tassels.  Purchase inexpensive area rug to go with your bedroom colors. 

Pick out an accessory to make your bedroom stand out.  It could be a large sheer piece of fabric hung all around the room.  Or maybe it’s a set of photos that you frame and hang on the walls.  Get cheap shelves and repaint them.  They can display your favorite accessories, like candles, pictures, plants or pottery.  Make the bedroom flow with style by repeating your accessories throughout the room.

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