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Refreshing a Small Living Room

 Refreshing a Small Living Room

Sometimes it seems like we can never have enough space in the living room.  To solve this problem there are a few things you can do.  First, pick a fresh color for your walls.  It could be cool tones or warm tones.  Cool tones are greens, blues and grays.  The warm ones are oranges, pinks and reds.

To make your room seem bigger than it is, paint the ceiling a lighter color than your walls.  You might want to use the same shade of color on your ceiling as you used on the walls to give the room a more finished look.  Also, applying matte paint to one wall and glossy paint for another wall or molding and door and window frames in the same room can give a small living room a modern, fresh feel.

If you have curtains, lift them up closer to the ceiling.  This way your living room will appear higher and larger.  You can also let the fabric fall to the level of the floor, which will make the room look graceful.  Check out these silk curtains that can give any living room an illusion of bigger space because of their natural shine.

Decorating with picture frames and patterns will put a contemporary spin on the living room.  Choose warm colors if you painted the room in those, or cool colors if you chose greens or blues or grays.  Make sure to not put too many decorating accessories or the room will look cluttered.  Just enough to give it a touch of elegance, to make it comfortable and beautiful for you.

These simple tips will make your living room space seem larger and you can be as unique as you want.  Refresh, relax, and enjoy!

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