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Planning Your Living Room Space

 Planning Your Living Room Space

The living room is the most alive room of the house and requires the most simple layout.  First of all, consider all the free space you have.  For this, you can draw out a simple plan of your living room that includes windows and doors.  Then mark where you would like to place your furniture.  With the help of this sketch you can play around with combinations of furniture layout until you find the one you are happy with.   

furniture sketch 1 It is necessary to think about comfort and not only about the beauty of the living room.  As a suggestion, you can write the name of the furniture piece and it's dimensions on each sketch. 

If you already own a particular piece of furniture, give it's precise dimensions.  For furniture that you are planning to buy in the future, write down approximate sizes.  If you are ordering from a catalog, the sizes are usually mentioned there. 

Splitting Up The Space

The shape of your living room is a very important factor for furniture placement.  It's best to leave walkway space between your furniture and at entrance and exit so that you can access everything easily.  If the room is square, the most logical thing to do is to put an imaginary line between entrance and exit and place the furniture around both sides of this line.  In a room shaped like a rectangle, the center can become a walkway.  You can also place the furniture along one wall and leave the space along the other wall for the walkway.  For a circle shaped living room it's best to group the furniture in the middle, so that your walkway is along the walls or to put the furniture along the walls where the center becomes your free space.


The Rest Area


Recliners and chairs should be positioned in a way that lets people have a comfortable conversation.  Usually, the couch becomes the guiding piece in the living room planning.  The placement of the furniture depends on the size and shape of the room as well as the lifestyle of the owners.  In a small living room you can put one couch, an armchair and a couple of chairs.  Often they are placed facing each other, but if the space allows it, you can arrange them on an angle.  This way your rest zone becomes bigger, and the atmosphere is more intimate.  If your couch's back is to the window, leave a walkway space between them so that you can open the window. 

A magazine table or a coffee table is usually placed in front of the couch.  It should be reachable, but leave enough space between the table and the couch so that a person getting up doesn't bother people sitting down.  Small corner tables can be placed on both sides of the couch.  Leave free space that allows you to stretch your feet and easily take anything from the table.  Besides this, the living room has to have enough light for conversation or reading. 


The golden rule for any room is that the furniture should not block the doorway.  Free space creates a feeling of freedom even if the room is small.  Leave a path between entrance and balcony or couch and TV.  These walkway spaces will allow you to get to all the important places.  If the furniture is in the way, it's best to move it aside.  Also, don't use too many tables or small decorative furniture pieces, because it can create a clutter.

TV and Audio System 

If you want to have a home theater in your living room, don't forget that it will direct where you place the furniture.  Here are a couple of suggestions for picking out space for electronics.  TV should be in front of the couch and armchairs, but not too far from them.  It should be placed at eye level.  Put the speakers on the sides of TV in the corners of the living room and/or on the opposite corners by the couch.  It's not recommended to put the speakers too close to the walls if you want to get the best sound.  If the speakers are too high up, face them down to the couch. 

Special Touches In Planning Out Your Space

spacious living roomShape and size of the living room often directs the placement of the furniture.  Even if the living room is small and crowded by furniture, there are ways to define free space.  The fastest and most effective way to do this is to combine different sizes of furniture and various colors.  If you put low, wide furniture near the wall, it will visually widen your free space.  When shopping for living room items, pick small and low furniture.  Paint a piece of furniture to the color of the walls or the floor, and choose curtains to match the carpet.  To separate one area from another in the living room, you can use curtains, coffee table against the couch or folding screen doors.

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