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Choosing The Right Color For Your Living Room Walls

 Choosing The Right Color For Your Living Room Walls

The walls in the living room, which is usually the biggest room in the house, offer lots of choices for creativity.  With tastefully chosen accessories, wall trimmings and color combinations you can visually expand or minimize space, lift up or lower ceilings and liven up the atmosphere.  When working with this big space, you have less limits than when working with smaller rooms. 

The Most Essential Element - Color 

The most important thing in any interior is the choice of color, because it defines your atmosphere.  Remember that all shades come from the mixing of three main colors: blue, red and yellow.  When mixing them between each other, you get all the other colors of the spectrum.  You can make a color lighter by adding white to it, or darken a color by adding black.   

The colors can be divided into two opposite categories - warm (red, orange, yellow and similar tones) and cool (green, blue and similar tones).  Warm tones create comfort and tend to draw the walls in.  Cool tones do the opposite and make the walls seem more distant.  To soften colors mix in white.  The more white you have in a color, the stronger is a feeling of space and light.  When choosing colors for your living room, be careful not to use too many bright colors.

From White To Black

color wheelThe color wheel can help you pick out colors for your living room and combine them with other shades to compliment those colors.  It contains the main three colors - yellow, red and blue, and their tones.  The shades that are close to each other look good together, the opposite shades can help to add a contrast pop color to the ones you picked.   

White usually widens the room and can be combined with light and dark furniture.  This makes it easy for you to pick out contrasting accessories.  Yellow is lively, vibrant and lights up the room.  Light yellow could look great in a smaller room with limited natural light.  Cream is a neutral color, but it adds coziness.  It's the easiest, safe color to use for any living room.  Red enlivens the room, but you can't overuse it.  Blue is ideal if the living room's primary function is to relax a person, but this room will need a lot of natural light for it not to seem too cold.  Green is warmer than blue and brings an element of nature.  If you are looking for a room that feels light and calm, green is the way to go.  Purple is an interesting choice, but it's better in smaller doses as an accent color.  Black is also a great accessories color and goes with any other color as a contrast. 

How To Pick Out The Main Color

The choice of your main color for living room walls can be influenced by a lot of factors, like your style, colors of existing furniture and the atmosphere that you want to create.  Is your living room large or small?  Does it have a lot of natural light?  Do you want it to look modern or classic?  You should consider all of those things when choosing colors.  Take a look at your curtains, furniture and accessories to find a color that will be compatible.  It's recommended to pick out the main color and use shades of it in your living room accessories.

Possible Color Combinations

choosing color for a living roomTo divide space within a room use different shades of one color in one area and contrasting colors in another.  This will give each of the areas it's own character depending on it's function.  To lower the ceiling, paint it in a darker color than the walls.  To visually raise the ceiling up, paint it in lighter color than the walls.  To mask wires or radiators, paint them the color of the walls. 

If you want one wall of the living room to stand out, make it darker shade than the rest of the walls.  For a couch to flow with your living room, make the walls the same color as the couch and add some contrasting accessories as accents.  To make the room seem brighter, make the walls the colors of accents from the couch or curtains.

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