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Paint Or Wallpaper For Your Living Room?

 Paint Or Wallpaper For Your Living Room?

Using Paint On Walls 

Painting your living room will give it an attractive look.  Paint is usually not that expensive and easy to work with.  Smooth matte paint will create a clean background and will make your furniture stand out.  Also, the wall defects will not be as obvious.  A successful choice for walls is acrylic water based paint, which dries fast and the clean up is easy.  Oil based paints take longer to dry and require solvents, like mineral spirits for thinning and clean up. 

There are many types of paint effects that you can use.  Sponging is an effect where you use a sponge and dab a wall with it using a different color. 

paint effects

Marbling will give the wall a look of marble by crumpling a plastic bag and dabbing a wet, freshly painted wall with it.  Ragging allows you to get great texture on the walls by rolling a rolled up rag along the wet surface of the wall.  Suede effect gives the surface a cozy texture.  Apply the paint in a crisscross random motion and overlap your patterns.  You can use stencil to create a design or a pattern for the wall.  Purchase a stencil template, put it against the wall and paint onto an area with contrasting paint.

Painting The Ceiling 

The most logical point of starting the painting of the living room is the ceiling.  Traditional white ceiling makes the room spacious and light.  Adding a little bit of color to the ceiling gives the room a finished look and a feel of coziness.  If your ceilings are low, paint them a lighter shade than the walls to make the room seem taller.  If your ceilings are too high and you want a cozier feel, paint them shades that are darker than your walls. 

Using Wallpaper On Walls

Wallpaper is the next best choice for decorating living room walls after paint.  It can define the style of the room and give it a one of a kind atmosphere.  Wallpaper that's washable is easily maintained and will hide imperfections of the walls.  Today, the choice of wallpaper is very wide and it's design is unlimited.  There are many patterns and textures that you can settle on, but it's recommended to use toned down textures with calm colors for the living room.  This way your accessories and furniture can be as interesting and bright as you want without appearing tasteless.  

If the wallpaper has too much pattern, the living room will seem too hectic and tense.  You can visually raise low ceilings by using wallpaper with vertical stripes.  Likewise, you can lower the ceilings by choosing wallpaper with horizontal stripes in the living room.

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