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Choosing The Floor For Your Living Room

 Choosing The Floor For Your Living Room

The floor in the living room has to last for a long time.  Curtains, furniture and accessories are changed often because of change in fashion or when they get old.  Everything is more complicated when it comes to the floor.  It's changing requires time and money.  That's much more expensive than a new couch or wallpaper. 

When picking out flooring, consider your lifestyle and cost of materials.  When you are on a low budget, choose inexpensive and durable floor covering.  If you spend a lot of time in the living room, have a lot of people in your house or have pets, the floor has to be strong.  If the use of the living room is light, then you have more choices. 

Different Kinds Of Flooring 

Parquet made out of natural wood is a warm, stable and long lasting choice for your floor.  Laminate, which imitates parquet is much cheaper, but just as pretty and comfortable.  Floor tiles are also a modern and original option.  There are many choices of ceramic, marble or granite tiles varying in color and structure.  It is considered too hard and cold, but you can solve this problem by putting area rugs in the living room.  Area rugs will add wonderful color accents to the room.  All over carpets are warm and cozy, unlike wood and tiles, but they are less durable and need special maintenance.   

Influence Of Flooring On Living Room Design

Most kinds of flooring come in various colors and textures.  Think over your choice well, because floor choice will influence the decorating of the living room.  Large patterns and bright colors visually destroy the strict geometry of the floor.  You can use those if you want the room to appear much smaller. 

Light color flooring does the opposite - it makes the room appear larger and creates enjoyable, calm atmosphere.  Also, light floor is easier on the eyes and allows you to easily vary the design of the interior.  If your choice of floor color leaves you with doubts, pick a neutral color and material that will match the elements of the furnishings.  Color accents can always be created with small area rugs and other accessories.   

Warm Parquet 

parquet woodParquet is wooden floor covering material.  It's elegant and goes with any elements of the living room.  Wooden flooring is considered one of the best floor choices for large spaces.  There are three kinds of parquet: strip parquet, parquet on glue and parquet boards.   

Strip parquet consists of long and thick planks.  This kind of covering is stable and long lasting.  Empty spaces are left under the parquet to create under floor ventilation.  The planks are placed in a way where they are connected with each other.  Then the surface is polished and covered with varnish.

Parquet on glue is more economical then strip parquet in the way that it is laid down.  The planks of parquet on glue are not as wide.  They are glued to the floor, then get polished and varnished.  You can use variations of patterns and colors of this kind of parquet, but don't forget that it is sensitive to moisture.

Parquet boards consist of long planks that are attached to a grating, which creates blocks.  This kind of parquet is economical and simple in installation.  Those blocks are sold already polished and varnished, have a wide range of colors and are great quality. 

Laminate flooring imitates wood.  It's relatively cheap, simple in installation and durable.  It has only one minus - the thin synthetic top layer can not be repolished.  When laminate cracks, you must replace it. 

Choices Of Wood 

All sorts of wood can be combined into three main groups.  Light tones are pine, maple and beech wood.  Light parquet visually widens space and is ideal for a small living room.  Just keep in mind that this kind of wood is not as strong as others and wears down faster.  Dark tones are teak, sucupira and dark oak.  These are strong, durable kinds of wood, but they require more maintenance.  Dark parquet is ideal for large, light spaces.  Medium tones like oak, iroko or jatoba create a neutral background and match any furnishings.  If you have doubts about your choice of parquet, choose oak.  It's beautiful and durable. 

Practical Tiles

tiled floorThere is no other kind of flooring that has as many different qualities as tiles.  There are many different kinds of tiles for any taste and size of wallet.  When picking tiles, their size is very important.  In a large living room, tiles larger than one foot can make a room feel nicely put together. 

Ceramic tiles are durable and can be easily washed.  There are many choices of color and pattern for ceramic.  It's best to pick matte, unslippery tiles, especially if there are children in the house. Marble tiles are very beautiful, durable and stable, and require the least maintenance.  Their only minus is that marble is very cold.  Granite can bring a feeling of elegancy to a room.  It's great for a country style living room.  The granite tiles are lovely, but also very cold. 

Soft Flooring 

If comfort and coziness are most important to you, make carpet your choice of floor covering.  It's soft and has a great feel.  Carpeting is not very long lasting, but if you maintain it, the carpet will last for some time.  There are infinite ranges of colors for carpets, but for the living room it's better to choose a neutral tone.  If the color of the floor is neutral, you have a wider choice of furnishings.  Carpets can be natural or synthetic.  Natural carpeting is healthier, but synthetic is more durable and cheaper.

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