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Textiles In The Living Room

 Textiles In The Living Room

Textile is curtains, couch and armchair fabrics, pillows and all of the decorative elements and accessories in the living room that are made out of fabric.  These fabrics can be synthetic or natural.  Vintage textiles used in a contemporary way can look very fashionable.  Very popular are the natural fabrics made from cotton and silk.  You can pick such designs as florals, polka dots, stripes and geometrics.  The protective couch cover on the right  adds a lot of style to the living room.  The secure choice is fabrics that are light or neutral in color. 

Combinations Of Colors And Textures 

Light and neutral textile creates a calm, light atmosphere.  White will make a living room brighter, while soft blue, lavender, light yellow, cream or light pink livens up the interior. 

Fabrics with different designs will look great together if they match in colors.  You can also combine designed textiles with solids, but they should share the same colors.  For example, if your couch is solid brown, pick curtains that have brown in it's design.  Maybe it's a brown floral with maroons and beiges on a cream background.  This kind of combination will give your living room elegance.   

Combination of a few bright colors will identify the furniture placement and enliven the room.  This kind of a strategy is recommended for lining rooms that are spacious and light.  Avoid using colors that are in extreme contrast with each other, like yellow and black. 

Geometric prints are always in style.  Just remember that polka dots, checkers, zig zags and other similar designs will look tacky if used together and in bright colors.  It's best to use them casually and in small doses. 

Curtains In The Living Room

Curtains have a lot of decorating possibilities.  They help soften sharp edges of the window and create comfort.  To pick out the right fabrics and colors of the curtains take into consideration the layout of the living room, color of walls and amount of natural light.  In a small living room, matching color of curtains and walls can visually widen the space.  If your living room is spacious, don't settle for simple curtains.  Decorating elements, stripes or florals in the fabric will embellish the room and give it a cheerful look.   

If the window is small and gives you little amount of natural light, pick sheer fabrics so that the light shines through.  You can tie them on the sides to get maximum light.  If you are in the living room mostly during daytime, then hang light curtains for brightness.  If you are there mostly after sunset, then hang thicker, cozier curtains.   

Furniture Upholstery 

Furniture Upholstery has to be not just beautiful, but also practical.  It has to be durable, easy to wash and wrinkle free.  The texture of the fabric can be any one you choose - matte or shiny, smooth or coarse.  It is recommended to put fabric protective covers on your furniture, especially if you have children or pets.  They save the furniture from getting worn down and most protective covers are sold in great variety of fabrics and designs.  You can also put a beautiful designer throw on the couch for an added focal point. 


Every living room needs decorative pillows.  They make couches and chairs more comfortable, while decorating your interior.  Pillows mark the style of the interior and create effective focal points.  The pillows on the couch do not have to be the same, but they have to match either in color, texture or design.  The living room flows better if the curtains and pillows are of the same material.

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