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Fabric Combinations For A Living Room

 Fabric Combinations For A Living Room

Textile has a respectable place in interior decorating.  Fabrics are nice to the touch and easy to maintain.  Also, they can be combined in so many ways.  Mixing fabrics can give a living room an original, finished look. 

Unbleached Calico is practical and mixes great with natural and synthetic fabrics. 

Tapestry has a complicated design.  It should only be combined with solid fabrics. 

Flax can serve as a great background for busy, decorated fabrics.  When combined with other materials of natural colors, flax creates an easy going atmosphere. 

fabrics 1 

Cotton Pique is usually textured.  This can give a great background to a pillow. 

Upholstery Silk is heavy and smooth.  It will go great with shiny and natural fabrics. 

Cotton Jacquard is thick and has a jacquard, woven in design.  This is good for any furniture upholstery. 

 fabrics 2

Lace is usually sheer and hangs beautifully.  It’s a great choice for light curtains in a small living room. 

Sackcloth is usually cotton-based and is used for pillows and curtains. 

Wool Tweed goes great with light, smooth fabrics, like silk or lace, as well as bright, heavy materials, like tapestry or upholstery silk. 

 fabrics 3

Flannel made out of cotton or wool is good for any furniture upholstery. 

Velvet is a classical fabric and is used in classical style living rooms.  It's very rich in texture and has a cozy feel.

Mohair fabric is great for furniture upholstery and has a rich look.

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