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Complimentary Living Room Furniture

 Complimentary Living Room Furniture

Big And Small Tables 

A table near a couch or an armchair - a necessary element of living room decor.  It can be wooden, metal, fabric upholstered, with a glass face, foldable and on wheels.  There are many styles, like Country, Victorian, High-tech, Minimalist and more.  The choice of a table depends on the style of the interior and available space.   

A very comfortable height for a coffee table is three feet.  Tables that are higher than that do not look good next to the couch or the armchairs.  When lower than three feet, the tables look very elegant, but are not comfortable.  The top of the table has to be durable against pressure and scratches.  It also has to withstand cold and hot items that are put on the table, and children's toys.   

If the space allows it, you can put 2 or 3 small similar tables together for a cozy look.  You can also purchase a two-level table, where the top is glass and second level is another material.  This kind of table looks beautiful and you can see all of the objects on the second level.

If your living room is also your dining room, pick a big table that will serve as a dining and writing table.  If you have children, they can play on it and also do homework. 

Other Furniture

Complimentary furniture will give any living room a finished look and will highlight it's individual style.  Some suggestions are mentioned below.  You can settle for one of them or discover something else.  Everything depends on your style and, of course, on your imagination. 

A writing table can look great in the living room and help make a mini-office section as part of the living room.  A french dresser is very elegant and can be used for storage of various knick knacks.  A screen will help separate different areas of the living room or isolate a cozy corner.  A small ladder helps reach top shelves or can also serve as an extra table space.  Newspaper holder is very comfortable for keeping all your papers, magazines and books in one place where you can reach them from the couch. 


fireplaceIn this century a fireplace lost it's original purpose.  It now serves as a decorating element in the living room, but it still makes the room feel stylish and cozy.  There are many types of options for a fireplace.  The facade can be done in brick, cement, stone, marble and wood.  The traditional fireplace is installed into the wall.  If it's done in a country style, the upper pipe will be positioned above the fireplace and can also serve as a shelf for photographs and decorative things. 

Additional Decorations 

In order for your living room to look finished and original, use different decorative things, such as vases, flowers, candles, pictures and sculptures.

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