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How To Pick Out Your Soft Furniture

 How To Pick Out Your Soft Furniture

When picking out soft furniture for your living room, make sure that it's soft and durable.  These qualities are defined by the construction and shape of the armchairs and couches. 

Shape And Size 

30 inches by 30 inches is an ideal, comfortable size of sitting space for one person.  A person sitting down should be able to fully recline their back against the back of the chair or couch and fold their legs on a 90 degree angle.  High, curved back of the furniture is much more comfortable than a low straight one.  It supports a person's head and spine. 

The optimum armchair size is three feet wide.  A couch with two seats should be not smaller than five feet wide, but if you also want it to be a place to lay down, pick one that's no smaller than seven feet long. 

Fabric And Construction 

Pick your furniture with a hard wooden base or even a metal base.  Those materials are long lasting, but also more expensive. It's more comfortable if a couch or an armchair is on springs.  They hug the body of a sitting person and resume their shape after a person gets up.  Also, take into consideration what kind of filler does the couch have.  Geese feathers make a great, soft filler, but it wears down quickly.  More durable is the mixture of feathers and synthetic materials. 

Caring For Upholstery


Upholstery is the face of armchairs and couches, and requires the right kind of maintenance to make it last and stay beautiful.  To know how to care for your furniture, you need to know it's makeup.  From time to time it is necessary to clean the furniture with a brush or a vacuum cleaner.  If there is a stain, it's best to clean it out before it dries.  Before using cleaning agents, test them out on a spot of the couch that is hidden to make sure it does not eat away the fabric or leave a stain of it's own. 

Very comfortable and easy to use are protective covers - they can be simply washed and changed anytime you want. 

Design Of Soft Furniture  fancy chairs

When picking out a couch and armchairs, consider your personal style and comfort.  How many people live in your house?  This will guide your choice of size of the couch and the amount of chairs you need.  If you have children, make sure that the upholstery is easy to clean.  If you like to lay down in the living room, you need a big, comfortable couch, or if you use living room for reading, pick out a cozy armchair. 

When you are in the store and choosing your furniture, try it out - sit or lay on it.  Is it soft enough?  Roomy enough?  Is your head or back fully supported?  Are the arm holders at the right hight? 

Picking Out Chairs 

The chair is a classic furniture item.  When picking out a chair think about how it would look together with other furniture pieces that you already have.  It does not have to match the style of your couch, but be in harmony with it.  Different shapes of two chairs make them look like they are not parts of the same group, but what connects them is that they are picked out by one person. 

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