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Living Room Cabinets And Storage

 Living Room Cabinets And Storage

Besides the couch and armchairs in the living room you need shelves for books and movies, and places where you can store things to avoid living room clutter.  The selection is huge, but what to pick?  What's necessary and what will just crowd the living room? 

These questions are personal, but here are a couple of suggestions.  First of all, evaluate if the item flows with the style of the living room.  Then, find a place for it, making sure that it does not interfere with the free walkway space. 


A cabinet is one of the most important items in the living room design.  It's practical and can hide behind it's doors things that are not attractive from the point of view of decor.  Think about where you would like to place it.  This depends on the size of the room, amount of the free space you have and the function of the cabinet.  Are you using it for books, TV, audio system, photographs, lamps or decorative items?

Custom-made cabinet allows you to get maximum free space.  This kind of cabinet is custom-fitted to suite your living room and is great for small rooms.  If the cabinet is the same color of the walls, your room will visually have more space. 

Shelving consists of shelves that can be arranged in a lot of different ways.  This gives you more options comparing to a cabinet.  You gain great decorating possibilities.  shelves

Mobile cabinet on wheels is usually light and not large.  You can easily move it to any place in the room and change the atmosphere.  This kind of cabinet is perfect for dividing areas in your living room.

Where To Put Things? 

There are always going to be things in the living room that are not elements of decor, but that you need for everyday use.  Those items must have their place.  In every family these things are different.  They could be magazines, children's toys, towels, china sets, or pet toys.  Here are some storage items you can use: 

China cabinet is very comfortable for things that you don't mind showing off.  Back in the days, it was used only for tableware, but today it is popular to put anything in the china cabinet, along with decorative living room items. 

Compact cabinet with doors, boxes and open shelves - multipurpose and space saving.  It could be as simple or as complex as you want, depending on how much space you need for your things. 

Decorative boxes and chests are great additional storage solutions for magazines, newspapers, books, toys and linens.  It could be your focal point of the room depending on how designed or bright those pieces are.  Just make sure they fit into your interior.

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