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Decorating a Living Room On a Budget

 Decorating a Living Room On a Budget

First thing to do when redecorating any room is to pick a theme or get an idea of what you would like this room to look like.  Do you like traditional style?  Would you want most of the items to be made of wood?  Do you like minimal style?  Would you bring nature elements or modern decorations to the living room?  Ask yourselves some of these questions to determine what style of living room will work for you.  To read more on decorating styles, click here. 

Second thing to do is to pick colors for the living room.  You need a main color to go on the walls, maybe an accent color for walls, furniture colors, and accent colors.  To make the whole house flow together, take a color from another room that you can see while standing in the living room and apply it to the living room.  For example, if you can see your dining room from the living room and your main dining room color is yellow, make something in the living room yellow. 

Painting the walls is every decorators trick to saving money.  You can paint the whole wall, paint just the borders, or use wallpaper borders or stencils.  You can also apply faux or decorative painting techniques to add textures and colors to the house.  If you have beautiful fabric, you can hang that as your borders.  Dollar stores will have some ideas for the walls also.  You can find decorating film that can easily be taken off if you rent. 

Replacing the furniture is probably the most expensive.  But you can work around it.  Try buying slipcovers, which come in an amazing range of colors and patterns.  Some old furniture can be purchased cheaply at the yard sales and flea markets.  You can renovate this furniture by repainting or restaining it.  If your living room furniture is mismatched, paint it all the same color to make it look like its part of one set.  The cheapest way to redecorate old furniture is to add throw blankets and pillows to it.  This will completely change the look of the piece. 

Lighting is also an important part of redecorating.  Lamps can be instantly remade by changing the shade.  You can decorate a lamp shade with trims and beads to add to its style.  Paint bases of the lamps into colors that match your new living room.   

To decorate your windows on a budget you can do a couple of things.  You can buy cheaper fabrics, add decorating elements, like beads and trims to existing curtains, or make your own curtains.  A simple curtain can consist of two panels of the same size.  All you would have to do is buy fabric, cut two panels of the size you need, and hem down the edges.   

Accessories are the most fun part of decorating and here you can be as creative as you wish.  Make sure that the decorating accessories you pick go with your theme.  You can frame anything, from pictures to dry flowers.  Dollar shops can offer very cheap but useful items, like picture frames, candles, vases, and sculptures.  Inexpensive shelves can be used to display some of your favorite things. 

Have fun with your living room decorating.  Having a budget can be a good thing, because it makes your creativity flow and fresh ideas come out.  Making decorating accessories with your hands can be much more rewarding than buying the most expensive thing.

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